At Li & Zhai Art Studio, we offer small scale classes with two or three students for two or three hours at one time. Thus students are gurenteed to have enough practising time and detailed instructions which we think is the best way for their progress. 

Children's Chinese Painting Class:

Chinese painting is a quintessence of Chinese traditional culture. Gradually, it is accepted and admired by many patrons across the globe. Children's Chinese Painting focuses on this concept but is also influenced by the children's artistic preferences. It attracts children's interests of painting and also helps them understand Chinese culture.

The advantage of Chinese painting also reflects upon the cultivation of children's characters and temperament. The distinctive Chinese aesthetics will allow them to be more creative. Chinese painting uniquely affect on fostering children's abilities of observation, thinking capacity, patience and order.

Picasso once said: "Every child is a talent artist". Every child naturally has the talent to express his or her thinkings by painting and drawing. It is up to us to guide them successfully. The tools of Chinese Painting is relatively simple- a bottle of ink and one or two brushes. You will find that they are actually very miraculous.

We welcome you and your children to come to join our class and learn Chinese Painting.

Adult Chinese Painting Class:

Adults, especially parents are strongly encouraged to take part in this class. Imaging how vigorously parents are involved in their kid's activities, learning Chinese painting by yourself enables you to work closely with your kids with a great pleasure. Most often, Chinese painting becomes an essential part of parent's life.

Drawing Class:

This is the fundamental class where you learn the basic skills of how to illustrate the objects in 2-D or 3-D forms using pencils, charcoals and rubbers. It needs your persistancy to grasp the skills that are extremely important for your own creation both in the form of drawings and color paintings.

Painting Class:

This is the advanced class where you learn the basic skills of expressing objects using acrylic, pastels, gouches and oil paints. It allows your imaganation to be fuifulled in a colorful creation.